Taking Care of Business: How to Move Without Losing Productivity

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Andrea Needham

Moving is considered one of the most stressful chores no matter who you are, but can you imagine owning a business and needing to move without losing productivity? Business owners are like private individuals and must plan accordingly to any challenges they face. Some also delegate tasks to others in the company. Read on to learn more about managing your Orange Park, FL business during a move.

Important Time Management Tips

One of the first things business owners do when faced with a large task is write down the tasks that need to be done in an outline. Also referred to as a timeline, an outline can help you determine which tasks to do first, and you can assign those to-dos to your staff. You can also keep an eye on the timeline’s progress. It’s also recommended to keep employees, customers, and vendors up-to-date with what’s happening.

Hiring a trusted moving service for your business is also key to a successful transition. You can find one by connecting with other businesses or checking consumer pages. A mover with a local agent, the correct license and insurance, and no unresolved complaints are some traits of being qualified. See what customers say about Ocean Movers of Jacksonville Florida and current offerings!

Staggering the move is an often utilized technique; business owners will maintain the previous location until the move to the new address is complete. Your move can be further organized if you order extra supplies and inventory during this time. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

You’re an Orange Park business owner, effective communication is a key virtue in any interaction, whether it’s business or personal. A few things to remember to ensure you’re communicating well are as follows:

  • Lead by example. Treat each conversation as a chance to learn something new, and your actions will inspire others.
  • Be open. Some business owners will not explain the reasons behind new policies, procedures, or other actions they take. Explaining your reasoning to your staff and vendors reduces the chance of any resentment.
  • Give them a rest. You might not think about rest as conducive to communication as being assertive, but rest is important. People who are mentally or emotionally tired have reduced mindsets. 

Updating Your Online Presence

One task that can be an ordeal is updating your websites, social media, or business cards. If your business moves, then ordering new business cards can be necessary. Making these updates doesn’t have to be stressful, as many websites make it easier with a few clicks. You can use a quick and easy business card maker to design your new, personalized business cards. Many websites will let you add your own images and photographs, font, and colors are just a few features you can customize.

You also need to update your social media and websites with your new address and other important information.

The Swift Move

You’ve learned that it’s more than possible to move without losing out on productivity, which a licensed and insured moving company can help you achieve. 

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Make It Feel Like Home: Tips to Redecorate Your Rental

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Article Written By: Charles Simmons with Tosellortostay.com

Make It Feel Like Home: Tips to Redecorate Your Rental

Redecorating your home can be exciting. Even if you are limited by how far you can renovate a rental, new colors, layouts, organization and decor can brighten your living space and your mood. You might have a child on the way or an awkward layout or simply want a new look. Think about your goals and how to achieve them, and let this guide brought to you by Moving & Storage of Jacksonville provide some ideas and inspiration.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Depending on your reasons for wanting to redecorate, you may consider moving. Think about what your needs are and if your current residence can realistically accommodate them. The need for additional rooms is one reason that moving might be in your future. However, if that isn’t an option, use a storage facility such as Moving & Storage of Jacksonville to house the items you don’t have room for in your current home.

If you plan to continue renting, you can use online tools to search for rental properties in the area. These resources let you specify if you’re looking for an apartment, condo or home, along with your desired features and budget. Many listings include 3D virtual tours of the property, a convenient and time-saving way to weed out unsuitable spaces.

You may prefer to buy a home. By prequalifying with lenders you can see how much you can afford to spend. Also, research the local housing market to get an idea of what kinds of homes are available, where they’re located and general pricing.

How Can You Redecorate a Rental?

Even if moving isn’t your immediate plan, there are endless options to update your current home. Renters often face restrictions about what they can change in their spaces. For instance, painting usually isn’t allowed. That being said, you don’t need to repaint walls to achieve a new look; there are other ways to accomplish your goals. For example, DIY peel and stick wallpaper can easily change the look and feel of your home. The good news is that they’re easy to remove — without damaging your walls — if you decide to find a new place to call home.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

The wall, window and flooring colors and treatments in rentals are usually neutral and impersonal. You have several options to make the space more relaxing or personal:

  • Use removable wallpaper or fabric to bring color to your walls
  • Reflect your personality with area rugs or temporary tile decals on the floor or walls
  • Incorporate color with curtains, throw pillows and blankets
  • Use self-adhesive strips to hang wall art
  • Add a few plants or new décor

Accommodating Your Children

Kids of all ages want personalized spaces in their homes. Thumbtacks and fabric make a nice princess bed canopy, and washi tape can create a racetrack on the floor. Loft or shaped beds are fun ways to express children’s interests while providing organization. Use string lights to produce a cool atmosphere.

Redecorating for Entertaining

For entertaining, you’ll want clean, uncluttered areas that invite mingling and provide enough seating for guests. New shelving or organizational pieces should reduce clutter. A portable kitchen island with seating offers organization and seating options.

Planning Your Home Office

Time management is a critical part of working from home, and there are things you can do to avoid distractions. A clean, organized space with good lighting helps. Add filing cabinets, a desk with storage or lamps to increase your productivity. Choose a room with a door and let family members know not to disturb you when it’s closed.

Create a user-friendly layout for your office, and think about putting a small refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave in a corner. That eliminates needing to leave the room to eat or drink and the potential distractions that leaving might invite.

Ready To Redecorate?

Deciding what to do when redecorating your home and how to do it can be fun. Whether you’ve just moved in or are still looking for a place to buy, a few easy changes can make your rental home a more enjoyable, accommodating space.

Moving to Jacksonville From Out of the U.S.? Here Are 11 Things You Should Know

Moving to Jacksonville From Out of the U.S.? Here Are 11 Things You Should Know

Written By Charles Simmons tosellortostay@gmail.com

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Are you moving to Jacksonville from outside of the U.S.? Whether you’re coming from Nigeria, India, the Philippines or even the UK, there are a number of important things to know to prepare yourself, and Moving & Storage of Jacksonville wants to help.

Here’s what to do upon your arrival, what essentials you’ll need to establish, and how you can best stay connected to family members back home.

When you arrive

1. Find a place to live: If you do not have a permanent place to live upon arrival, begin searching for apartments or homes in your desired neighborhood. Many recent immigrants also look to neighborhoods where they can connect with other immigrants from their home countries.

2. Enroll your children in school: Do you have school-aged children? If so, you can learn more about the public schools in the area here.

3. If you do not yet have a job, explore online job resources: Since you might have to wait to have internet service installed at your new residence, you can use the public computers available at one of the Jacksonville Public Library locations.

4. Get acclimated to the local area: As time permits, explore the many restaurants, stores, parks, and other places found throughout the county.

Establish the essentials

5. Consider health insurance options: Explore health insurance options that are available to you based on your current immigration status.

6. Apply for your driver’s license: If eligible, apply for your driver’s license at one of the local DMV locations.

7. Continue working toward your citizenship requirements: Complete any outstanding requirements to work toward your citizenship.

8. Opening a business? Learn what the process means for you in Jacksonville, and find out how to set up an LLC or other business structure in Florida.

Staying connected to Family Back Home

9. Create a plan to stay in touch: Being away from your family can be a lonely experience. Before moving, come up with a plan to stay in touch online, upgrade your phone and data plan, and download video conferencing and messaging apps.

10. Send money using reliable services: Planning to support your family back home in Nigeria or India? Find a safe and reliable transfer service to send funds securely.

11. Plan a visit back home: Once you have everything settled, keep an eye on cheap fares to and from your home country so you fly back to visit with family or even fly them in.

With a bit of advanced planning, you can make your move to Florida as easy as possible. Be sure to explore VisitJacksonville.com to find essential information to help you acclimate to your new home.

Simple, Tried-and-True Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success

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The business world is ruthless. Along with a great idea, you must have a special kind of personality to withstand the constant barrage of challenges and disappointments that come your way. You also must be smarter and more disciplined than others to get ahead!

But that’s not all. If you hope to sustain long-term success as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need strategies and disciplines in place. Check out these proven tips from Ocean Movers for flourishing as an entrepreneur:

Have a Plan for Everything

Without strategies, entrepreneurs simply don’t stand a chance in today’s business landscape. Make sure a strategy is established for every area of your company.

  • Write up a business plan that details your mission statement, core values, goals, and strategies for the next five years.
  • Create financial projections, and make a budget that can lead you to your goals.
  • Know who your target audience is, and remain cognizant of how you can evolve your offerings and marketing efforts.
  • Above all, focus on providing world-class customer service and developing healthy customer relationships.

Prioritize the Foundational Practices

Not all parts of running a business are glamorous. It’s important that you don’t procrastinate on the necessary tasks that keep your company operating smoothly.

  • Become well-versed on any and all laws, rules, and regulations that impact your business.
  • Keep up with the taxes you owe, and pay them on time.
  • Make sure your legal structure is working for your business. If you are not operating as an LLC, making the change could protect your assets, give you more flexibility, and help you save on taxes.

Take Advantage of Technology

There is no getting around the fact that we live in a tech-driven world. Fortunately, tech tools are typically affordable and can do wonders for making virtually every aspect of your business more efficient!

  • Boost your bottom line and save time by incorporating financial management tools.
  • Use project management and time tracking software to keep yourself and your team productive.
  • Collaborate more efficiently with team members, clients, and business partners by integrating chat apps and video conferencing software into your operations.
  • Take your marketing strategy to the next level by utilizing the wide array of social media, email marketing, and marketing planning tools available.
  • Give yourself an edge by pursuing a degree in business; best of all, the flexibility of online programs allows you to keep working while you learn at your own pace.

It’s not easy being a successful entrepreneur or business owner. You have to be dedicated to your vision, stay disciplined when times get tough and incorporate strategies at every turn. Along with following the tips above, never stop learning other methods you can use to stake your claim in the business world!

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